The gastrointestinal system : gastrointestinal, nutritional and hepatobiliary physiology /

The gastrointestinal system : gastrointestinal, nutritional and hepatobiliary physiology / Po Sing Leung, editor - 1 online resource (xiii, 364 pages) : illustrations (some color) -

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Regulation of Gastrointestinal Functions -- Gastrointestinal Motility -- Gastric Physiology -- Exocrine Pancreatic Physiology -- Intestinal Water and Electrolyte Transport -- Digestion and Absorption of Carbohydrates and Proteins -- Digestion and Absorption of Dietary Triglycerides -- Digestion and Absorption of Other Dietary Lipids -- Absorption of Water Soluble Vitamins and Minerals -- Structure, Functional Assessment and Blood Flow -- Protein Synthesis and Nutrient Metabolism -- Biotransformation, Elimination and Bile Acid Metabolism

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This book presents basic concepts and principles of normal gastrointestinal physiology and, most importantly, conveys an understanding of how to apply this knowledge to abnormal gastrointestinal physiology in the clinical context. The ultimate goal of this work is to let the readers have an integrated systems-based approach in order to be able to grasp knowledge on gastrointestinal disease and its management. Human gastrointestinal physiology is the study of our gastrointestinal system that addresses the regulation and integration of major physiological functions, i.e. motility, secretion, digestion, absorption and blood flow, as well as immunity. The coordination of these physiological processes is vital for the maintenance of gastrointestinal health, and thus any dysregulation will result in gastrointestinal disease. In this book, the understanding of basic gastrointestinal concepts and principles are illustrated by scenario-based clinical case presentations, critical for bedside care and also for preparation for professional examinations, and for being able to deal with future developments in clinical care. In this handbook, the aim is to achieve these various objectives by covering the breadth of gastrointestinal system

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