Hassani, Sadri,

Mathematical physics : a modern introduction to its foundations / Sadri Hassani - Second edition Second edition - 1 online resource (xxxi, 1205 pages) : illustrations -

Includes bibliographical references and index

Mathematical preliminaries -- Vectors and transformations -- Operator algebra -- Matrices : operator representations -- Spectral decomposition -- Hilbert spaces -- Generalized functions -- Classical orthogonal polynomials -- Fourier analysis -- Complex calculus -- Calculus of residues -- Complex analysis : advanced topics -- Separation of variables in spherical coordinates -- Second-oder linear differential equations -- Complex analysis of SOLDEs -- Integral transforms and differential equations -- An introduction to operator theory -- t Integral equations -- Sturm-Liouville systems : formalism -- Sturm-Liouville systems : examples -- Green's functions in one dimension -- Multidimensional Green's functions : applications -- Group theory -- Group reprensentation theory -- Algebra of tensors -- Analysis of tensors -- Lie groups and lie algebras -- Differential geometry -- Lie groups and differential equations -- Calculus of variations, symmetries, and conservation laws

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"This book is for physics students interested in the mathematics they use and for mathematics students interested in seeing how some of the ideas of their discipline find realization in an applied setting. The presentation tries to strike a balance between formalism and application, between abstract and concrete. The interconnections among the various topics are clarified both by the use of vector spaces as a central unifying theme, recurring throughout the book, and by putting ideas into their historical context. Enough of the essential formalism is included to make the presentation self-contained." "Intended for advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate students, this comprehensive guide should also prove useful as a refresher or reference for physicists and applied mathematicians. Over 300 worked-out examples and more than 800 problems provide valuable learning aids"--Book jacket

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Mathematical physics.

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