The EU-China relationship : European perspectives : a manual for policy makers / European Union-China relationship editor Kerry Brown, University of Sydney, Australia. - xxvii, 521 pages ; 24 cm

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Chinese internal views of the EU / Gudrun Wacker -- The Chinese five year programme (2011-2015) and Europe 2020 / Roderic Wye -- China's green economy and EU-China cooperation / Jorgen Delman and Ole Odgaard -- China : the National People's Congress / Roderic Wye -- The Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) : its role and its future / Jean-Pierre Cabestan -- The role of Chinese soft power / Anonymous -- The situation of lawyers in the PRC / Nicholas Bequelin -- Cadre training and the party school system in contemporary China / Frank N Pieke -- The role of think tanks in China / Nicola Casarini -- Public consultations in China / Jasper Becker -- An assessment of EU-China relations in global governance forums / Giovanni B. Andornino -- China's response to the US 'return to Asia' tour / Andrew Small -- BRICs : a cohesive grouping? / Sylvia Hui -- China-Pakistan relations / Gareth Price -- The Chinese reaction to the march 2011 earthquake and tsunami and the nuclear aftermath / Caroline Rose -- China-Vietnam relations on maritime borders / Marianna Brungs -- Patterns of China-Russia cooperation in multilateral forums / Neil Munro -- Competing claims in the South China Sea : assessment and prospects / Philip Andrews-Speed -- The impact of the Arab revolutions on China's foreign policy / Ben Simpfendorfer -- China and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea / Amy Studdart -- Reappraising Chinese engagement in Africa / Ian Taylor -- China's energy policy towards Central Asia / Bobo Lo -- China and Latin America / Rhys Jenkins -- China's 'non-policy' for Afghanistan / Bernt Berger -- China-Burma relations / Marianna Brungs -- China and Southeast Asia / David Camroux -- The changing politics of Nepal / Gareth Price -- China and Russia's competition for East and Southeast Asia energy resources / Philip Andrews-Speed -- The liberalisation of Chinese financial markets / Vilem Semerak -- Investment provisions in China's free trade agreements / Christopher M Dent -- Bond issuance by local authorities in China / Vanessa Rossi -- The role of shadow banking in Chinese business / Sandrine Lunven -- Family businesses in China / Anonymous -- Where does China stand in the Eurobond debate? / Vanessa Rossi -- Innovation in China / Alice Rezkova -- Chinese investments into the EU energy sector / Hinrich Voss -- Chinese overseas acquisitions : the Nokia Siemens/Motorola case / Marc Laperrouza -- The Chinese middle class / Paul French -- Tax and pensions in China / Stuart Leckie -- Waste management in China / Anonymous -- Social unrest in China / Jude Howell -- The recent labour unrest in China and the politics of handling collective mobilisation by the party-state / Eric Florence -- Urbanisation, rural-to-urban migration and housing in China / Bettina Gransow -- Land acquisition in China / Staphany Wong -- China's food security / Robert Ash.

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China--Foreign relations--21st century.
China--Foreign economic relations.
China--Foreign relations--European Union countries.
European Union countries--Foreign relations--China.

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